So you think you can design | Part 2

We often hear our friends and family talking about renovating their kitchen, redesigning their bathroom or redecorating their living room. The idea sounds nice but easily falls by the wayside once we figure out how much time, money and effort is involved.

During this series of posts we’d like to give you some advice that will hopefully put into perspective the pure ease of hiring a professional.

What Is The Function? | Whether you are building a bathroom from scratch or simply modifying your current bathroom, it is important to think about the bathroom’s function. Do you and your guests simply need a powder room, need to hop in the shower, or go all in relaxation with a rose filled bath tub and elegant lighting? This is the ultimate step 1!

Have Any Goals In Mind? | Once you’ve determined your bathroom’s functionality it is now time to really focus on the goal you’re trying to reach. Is your goal to bring your bathroom up to the 21st century by removing that awful cream paint color? Or is the goal something more complex like incorporating a double vanity with an above the counter sink bowl and back splash? You need to determine the level of complexity you’re wanting (and willing) to venture into.  

Determine Where to Splurge and Where to Save | What are your “must haves” for this new bathroom? These would be things you simply can’t live without and the budget will just have to deal with it. And what are the things you need to get done, but can spare your checkbook by picking more “run of the mill” options?

Get to Work | Bathroom redesigns can be slightly less difficult than a kitchen remodel so can you do it yourself? Yes. But do you want to? Probably not. Weigh the pros and cons of doing it yourself vs. hiring a professional and then make your decision. Just be sure that everyone communicates properly so the goals are reached.   

Prepare for Setbacks |If your home is older then you need to prepare yourself for discovering plumbing or leak issues. Especially is stand up showers, these can often hide years of mold and rot if the shower wasn’t properly installed.  

When The Redesign Is Complete | Stand back and admire all your hard work!  

Stay tuned for our next So You Think You Can Design post coming in December on redecorating your living room!