Drain Boards & Drain Sinks OH MY!

You may have seen our recent Facebook post about our newest stone and quartz offering…..DRAIN BOARDS! We think this is such a functional way of adding a little something extra to your countertops – that isn’t just for show.

stone drain board.jpg

The drain board sits partially into the counter itself. We basically cut channels that slope toward the sink allowing water to drain. This gives the kitchen a sleek and minimalist appearance without additional clutter on the counters. Holes can also be drilled or cut into the counter in any position for the addition of soap dispensers, hot water dispensers, or water filters to give the kitchen more functionality.

In addition to drain boards, we also now offer stone drain sinks. These sinks are made from one solid piece of natural stone and the drain angles towards the back to a unique linear drain. These types of sinks are better suited for bathrooms or wet bars over kitchens due to the small opening that doesn’t allow solid food to pass through.

stone drain sink.jpg


If you’re interested in incorporating one or both of these options into your next project, give us a call for a quote!