Let’s face it, seams are inevitable for granite or marble countertops but they shouldn’t cause you concern and we’re going to tell you why.

What is a seam anyway?

  • It’s the transition line that forms when two granite or marble tops come together.

Why is a seam inevitable?

  • Because granite and marble are limited in length. If the countertop you’re putting the granite or marble on is longer than around 10 feet, you’re going to have a seam because your fabricator (hopefully us J) will likely need to use more than 1 slab of material.

Why shouldn’t you be concerned?

  • Because we’re professionals! We’ll ensure that the countertops are leveled at the seams to ensure there is no height difference. We are also talented color matchers, meaning we’ll mix different pigments together to produce a seam color that compliments the stone being used.

If you’re still concerned about the potential seams in your countertops let us know! We’d be happy to consult with you to determine the number, color and height of the seams your project may need.