Where does granite come from?

We often get the question: Is granite a rock or a mineral?

Answer: Granite is an IGNEOUS rock. This means that it forms when a pocket of magma rises into the upper levels of the Earth’s crust and slowly cools. This cooling process is when granite has time to make large crystals that make the stone strong.

The granite is then “mined” from various mining operations all over the world. They are typically removed in large blocks and then cut into slabs. Those slabs are then polished by machines in our plant. 

The colors of granite are dependent on the feldspar present. For example, pink granite comes from pink or red feldspars while white or gray granite is usually a mixture of white feldspars. These unique color combinations allow us to meet the expectations of our buyers that have different tastes and styles.

If you are interested in learning more about our products, specifically granite, please call our office. We’d love to give you a tour of our plant and show you the different machinery that helps make granite such a sought after product!

One last thought: Did you know that Mount Rushmore is sculpted from granite outcrop? Neither did we :)