Martinsville, VA vs. Martinsburg, VA

It’s been just over a month since we launched our new website and we’ve had an overwhelming amount of feedback. Good feedback; which is always a plus! We decided to pull some reports to see just how well the site was doing as far as visitors per day, the pages that are most visited, how long someone stays on a page, etc.

What we found is that 4.2% of visitors that are “Googling” us are searching for Stone Dynamics Martinsburg, VA.

There are two problems with this:

1. There is no such place as Martinsburg, VA—there is a Martinsburg, WV; but not VA.

2. We are located in Martinsville, VA (which is about 5 hours away from Martinsburg)

So, we decided to do some research on the two towns and provide a small history lesson. Enjoy!

Martinsburg, WV

·         The first US Post Office was established here in 1792 when Martinsburg was technically still a territory of VA.

·         Over 1,000 men from Berkeley County participated in WWI and of these 41 were killed in battle while 21 were wounded. A monument to those fallen soldiers was built here in 1925.

·         Is the birthplace of Mary Elizabeth Price (a famous impressionist painter), Fulton Walker (a former football player for the Miami Dolphins), John Quincy Adams Nadenbousch (a colonel in the Confederate States Army) and the Gypsy Sisters (which is a reality show on TLC to which I’m sure Martinsburg wish they didn’t have to claim).

Martinsville, VA

·         Is home to the shortest track in NASCAR and one of the first paved “speedways” built in 1947.

·         The city’s chief industry used to be the manufacturing of plug chewing tobacco, followed by furniture construction (to which they are still known for today).

·         DuPont built a large manufacturing facility here in 1941 to which they produced a vital war material, textile nylon filament, making it known as the “Sweatshirt Capital of the World” for several years.

·         Is the birthplace of Patrick Henry (American patriot), Delvin Joyce (played football for the NY Giants) and Clinton Gregory (country singer/fiddle player).


Now you have some history on the two towns that was hopefully somewhat entertaining. So, go out there and spread the word that we’re in Martinsville, VA and we’re full of fun facts!