As small business owners, we understand the importance of a brand image and reputation in our industry. This is why we pride ourselves on providing excellence in all areas of our business.

The Historic Masonic Theatre and Amphitheatre recently came to us wanting to enhance their image by creating a very powerful sign promoting their legendary name. After much planning and design we came up with the concept of a quartz surface as the base, but incorporated our water jet machinery to etch the letters of the “Masonic Theatre”. See the image to the right for the final product.

This concept of using our surface products along with water jet technology has become very popular for us so we thought we’d pass along the idea. And the base surface doesn’t have to be quartz! It can be done on any of the products we offer: granite, marble, quartz, ultra-compact surfaces, glass, porcelain, solid surface and even soapstone!

So the question is simple; do you want to make a bigger impact in your community? Call our office today to learn more about our water jet technology and how you can take your brand to the next level.

P.S.- Don’t miss out!

The Historic Masonic Theatre is having their Grand Reopening July 1st-3rd 2016! So don’t miss out on the amazing events they have planned by clicking here to learn more!