So You Think You Can Design | Part 1

We often hear our friends and family talking about renovating their kitchen, redesigning their bathroom or redecorating their living room. The idea sounds nice but easily falls by the wayside once we figure out how much time, money and effort is involved.

During this series of posts we’d like to give you some advice that will hopefully put into perspective the pure ease of hiring a professional.

Do Not Do It Yourself | Renovating a kitchen is a big undertaking. You can’t just tear down walls and reroute plumbing without consulting with a contractor. They’ll be able to tell you if your wall is low bearing or if your kitchen plumbing is possibly tied into your laundry room which isn’t so easy to just pick up and move. You also can’t just purchase the nicest refrigerator you see; you have to do measuring and make sure that your water lines are equipped.

Consult A Professional (and by professional, we don’t mean your Uncle Bob) | Not everyone has the budget to hire a contractor, but unless you have a proven track record, DO NOT take this on alone. You can certainly pitch in to help save on costs, but don’t take over the entire project on your own.

Where To Find A Professional | To find a contractor that fits your needs and budget, begin talking to your friends and family. This eliminates the need for so much research on your end and you can quickly identify who may be in your price range.

What To Expect | For the most part they will do all the work. You just need to be responsible for answering questions about your home that they’ll need to know; be clear on your end vision and set a fair budget. It certainly helps to provide pictures so be sure to go online and have a few images of things you like.

It Won’t All Be Roses & Rainbows | Be prepared for bumps in the road. Hiring a professional is easier, but not a miracle solution. Common bumps would be plumbing issues, leaks, backordered parts, delays, budget increases, etc.

When The Renovation Is Complete | Take care of your new kitchen! 

Stay tuned for our next So You Think You Can Design post coming in October on redesigning a bathroom!